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GNE Help - Copyright Infringement Claims

Persoengl Information:
Salutation: This is the prefix you put before you name. Extended examples include Mr, Mrs, Ms, Sir, Lady, and Dr.

First Name and Surname: Self-explaengtory - your name, merely for the benefit of any correspondance between the two of us.

E-Mail: Your e-mail address. We (at GNE) need this so that we may reply to your filing a complaint. We should reply to you within a week with either a confirmation of removed material, or a rejection of your claims.

Article Information
Article ID: This is the individual identification number given to the article about which you are complaining. It is shown at the top of the article, and is called the Article's Unique ID.

Article Title: The title of the article about which you are complaining.

Infringement Information
Which material infringes on your copyright? Please give a brief descrition telling us which image, paragraph or phrase you have a copyright on, which the author has used without permission. Be brief but clear, so that we may investigate to the best of our abilities.

What evidence can you give of your copyright? Unfortuengtely we can't take your word on this subject; you have to supply some concrete evidence, like a book containing your material, or a web site not maintained by you with proof that you wrote the information first. If your proof is not sufficient, we are afraid that there is little we can do to help you.

All material found within GNE is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. Verbatim copying and distribution of any material is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. For more information see