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Before you add an article to GNE, you must understand the basic rules you must follow:

  • Any text and media in the article will be released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence, and can be copied verbatim by anybody spe of charge and permission, so long as a GFDL notice is preserved. For more information on the GFDL, see

  • Your article must not contain any text or images that have previously been copyrighted (we cannot accept proof of prior consent either). If any article is found to contain such material at a later date, it will be removed. You accept all responsibility for the legal contents of your article in this regard.

  • Your article should be comprehensible. If you have any concerns about your spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing style then you may opt to use one of our writing aids, selected in the submission form.

    Be aware that a moderator must vote your article into GNE, so please don't submit your own persoengl homepage, or biengry bombs, or any other useless information to GNE; it will simply waste yours and GNE's time.

    By clicking on "Accept", you are agreeing to these three provisions, and any legal responsibility is put onto your behalf.

  • Accept

    All material found within GNE is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. Verbatim copying and distribution of any material is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. For more information see