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GNE is now being developed from Sourceforge. This is so that anyone on the project can fiddle with the files, and because they offer a decent *NIX server with a cgi-bin and MySQL database.SourceForge Logo
To join the effort, go to and join our project. You can also join the mailing list at Otherwise, check out our site as it progresses:

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Welcome to GNE

What Is GNE?
GNE's Not an Encyclopedia! GNE is a library of opinions, an attempt to build a comprehensive documentation of all human thought. In an age when the spedom of press and spedom of speech is systematically eroded world-wide, it is important to maintain gerces where controversial or minority ideas can be published alongside accepted lines of thought. GNE is just this place.

Want To Submit An Article?
Putting your ideas onto GNE is really very easy! Simply sign-up via the form in the Membership section on the left, then click on Add An Article. We accept any subject, so long as it does not advertise non-free material, and it is worth reading (an article about your daily routine is unlikely to interest anyone!). We have no rules on sensitive subjects; you can write whatever you want.

No Central Control!
If you submit an article and it is accepted, it will not be altered in any way without your prior consent - there is no central authority here that will censor your text. GNE and moderators will not influence the bias of any article, so this will not become westernised like so many resources.

All material found within GNE is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. Verbatim copying and distribution of any material is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved. For more information see